About Fair Oaks Foundation, Inc.

The Fair Oaks Foundation Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization recognized by the Internal Revenue Service.   The Foundation is not directly affiliated with the Fair Oaks farm, but the farm hosts many of the events of the Foundation and shares many of its goals.  The Foundation has broader goals than those associated with the Fair Oaks farm and it is reaching beyond the land there and into the community at large partnering with other persons and organizations which share the same goals.  The Foundation has a board of directors currently consisting of four directors from accounting, legal, and university environments none of whom have any ownership or other connection with the Fair Oaks farm.  A donation to the Foundation does not benefit the Fair Oaks farm even though some of the events of the Foundation performed at the farm may be under the auspices of and paid for by the Foundation. 

The One Hundred Year Plan


  • To eliminate invasive plant species and to plant native species;
  • To conserve farm land and grow crops;
  • To offer education in the arts, history, music, literature, skills of the past and present, pottery, painting, gardening, birding, silviculture, time capsules, and other human cultures’ environmental issues;
  • To engender in visitors an appreciation of the outdoors and the environment, the value in preserving nature, and entertainment they make for themselves through hoedowns, weddings, plein air paint outs, camp outs, citrus picking, classes to educate, and just simple walking-around-experiences, appreciating time in a type of environment fast disappearing;
  • To nurture by inviting diversity, sharing talents and ideas, and fostering networking to further the goals of the Foundation and celebrate the best of humankind with open arms and minds.



7726 SE 179th Place
Micanopy, FL 32667

Open Hours

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